Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Speaking of thank you cards, my beautiful best friend Elizabeth is getting married next year and she asked me to make some thank you cards for her engagement presents!

Sooooooo excited for her and soooooo happy to do these! I gave her some options to choose from, including the one to the left, but you'll have to wait to see what design she ultimately chose...I'm almost finished with them and I'm sure she's going to love them! :)

And here's the "boy" version!

Even though the only baby in my life is my sweet dachshund Rudy, I saw this stamp and got a great idea to make thank you cards for new parents!

I made this one with a baby girl in mind but I also made a "boy" one that I'll post next.

This card is great because I can easily replace the "Thank You!" with the baby's name to use for an announcement or the words "You're Invited" for a shower. Lots of options!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who knew a random thought about mini cupcake wrappers would spark an interest in card making?! It was just that, a completely out-of-the-blue "I wonder what that would look like?" thought that inspired me to start creating handmade greeting cards.

And here is the first one I made! (Notice the mini cupcake wrapper behind the cupcake?)

I love using materials that don't sit flat on the paper. Bedazzles, ribbons, cupcake wrappers :)

Give me some jute, sparkled paper and stamps and I will be happy for hours!

This is a classic birthday card with a twist! I added some bedazzles at the four corners and the layer cake is adorned with glitter and sits a bit higher off the paper to add that dimension I love.

I'm going to make a boy friendly version of this one soon! Some blues, grays and softer paper will tone it down a bit.

This is another one of the those great cards that can be used for ANY occasion.

Even if your special person is having a bad day, I guarantee they will start to "Love Today" after getting this card!

This card is a favorite among my friends and was actually one of the easiest to make! It's all about color scheme, layering and the heart that pops!

This is one of my favorites!!

I love it because it's so versatile and three dimensional. The flower practically grows from the paper!

You can use it to wish someone a fantastic birthday, congratulate the birth of a baby, a new job, a new house....pretty much anything that's cause for celebration!