Monday, April 23, 2012

I saw this heart stamp when I was out picking up some paper and I love love loved the great pattern on it. I crumpled up some more paper bags (my new favorite hobby) and went to work. 

I have been wanting to try something new with my burlap so for the details card I ended up braiding the burlap! It looks super cool in "real life" and it gave me a great idea for a new invite set. 

I know this paper looks blue in the picture but it's actually a soft gray and the contrast with the brown looks so good! I also tried it using a coral paper and it looks awesome. This is definitely one of those versatile sets that would look great with any color scheme. I think I'll try it using fabric for the heart and accents and see how that turns out...

Happy Monday! ;)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

This particular set was something I had in mind almost immediately when I wanted to start branching out and designing wedding invitations.
The invitation and matching "thank you" card are both embellished with a crumpled paper bag (which you will see again in a set I'm working on right now!) I just love this look. It has that rustic feel and creates such great dimension. I picked the pink polka dotted paper because it compliments the neutral theme really well but I think it would look great with any color scheme. 

I'm thinking blue paisley or a really vibrant yellow would work too! So many ideas running through this head :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

I saw this stamp and instantly starting contemplating what colors I was going to use for the flowers. I have a monster sized box of colored pencils (hello, elementary school) and I love coloring in my stamps to give them a little something extra.

I wanted this set to look really soft and antique so I used a lot of brown and mahogany. For the RSVP card background I crumpled up a brown paper bag to give it some dimension. I used four burlap strips side by side to outline the details card and tie it in with the invite itself.

I've already made some samples using other color themes like gray and yellow and they look sooooooo good! It completely changes the tone of the invite to fit the wedding.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Does this flower stamp look familiar? It should! I have used it for everything from personalized cards to thank you cards and now wedding invitations.

Since stamps are sort of my version of graphic design I like to be creative and not just ink up a stamp and put it down. I love playing around with embossing powder and colors and placement.

This picture doesn't do this set much justice but the paper is this perfect sunflower yellow and the stamp is really soft against it. These would be great for a beach or sunset wedding.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

So I was at the fabric store one day looking for paper and nothing was catching my eye. I had an idea to do an invitation that was inspired by a great picnic birthday party at the park. I pictured pink lemonade in mason jars, sunflowers on the table...really soft and delicate stuff.

Well, I was just about to give up and head somewhere else when I got a great idea to use fabric instead of paper! I'm all about that texture so it was a perrrrrrfect idea. I got myself a rotary cutter and some beautiful pink paisley fabric and went to town.

I'm so happy with the way this set turned out. It is exactly the way I imagined it and there is sooooooo much fabric out there the possibilities are seriously endless with this design.

I really love how this design turned out. I like using lace as a subtle accent and I think the way it peaks out from behind the green patterned paper and contrasts with the brown paper looks perfect. It isn't overwhelming and adds an antique touch.

I get a lot of inspiration for my designs from burlap (as you can see from the background!) and I actually just bought a yard of it and pulled the strings off to create the ties on the invite and the details card. You'll be seeing me use quite a bit of it because it's soooooo versatile and creates such a great rustic look.

I gave you a sneak peek of some of the wedding invitations I've been working on but now that they're finally turning into complete sets, I wanted to share them in more detail!

They're definitely unique in the fact that they are homemade and look homemade. No two invites are 100% the same.

A lot of people ask me how I come up with the designs and I really don't know how to answer! I find inspiration everywhere and then go on a hunt for paper and embellishments to bring it to life. I'll tell you one thing know I hate the "flat" look so even if you can't see them in real life, you can trust that they've got some dimension. :)