Thursday, April 18, 2013

Desert Hippie Wedding Suite

One thing you should know about me is I have a severe one track mind. I get going on an idea and I am consumed! For the past month I have thrown myself into designing my sister's baby shower, hence my month long absence.

And we're not just talking about making the invitations here. Oh no, the whole shebang. From the dessert table to decorations to table centerpieces, I've been all over the place making my ideas come to life. Mind you, I still have over two months until the shower but I'm ambitious like that and just wanted to fill you in a bit.

Anyways, when I ordered the paper for my sister's invites (I will be sharing the finished product soon!) I also got this gorgeous sort of watercolor painting paper for a new wedding suite I had it mind. I wanted something kind of hippie looking.

I'm obsessed with the colors. They remind me of a desert sunset. I added some coral bakers twine for a pop against the kraft and there you have it! What do you think?