Friday, July 13, 2012's been way too long!! I promise I will never ditch you like this again. Except for maybe next week...I'm going to North Carolina for a wedding!! I promise I will come back with new inspiration though. 

Speaking of inspiration, I moved last week, hence the lack of new posts. Luckily the new home of "Richelle's Paperie" provides ALL KINDS of new scenery so I'm pretty excited about that. Lots of birds, lots of trees, oodles of dachshunds!! I'm in heaven.

Anyways, I got this owl stamp on sale at Michael's a couple of weeks ago and I swear I have been hearing owls in my sleep. He's been haunting my dreams so I knew I needed to get moving on making a card based around this little guy. 

My aunt is visiting and she actually gave me the inspiration for this design! In typical Richelle fashion, I had visions of doilies and burlap floating around my head but she is a teacher and she said that teachers are always getting surprise gifts from parents, students, etc. so they're always in need of thank you cards. She suggested something really simple that she can keep in her desk and grab in a hurry, yet something that still looks handmade and unique. Teachers are some of the craftiest people I know so it's only appropriate that their thank you cards reflect their style.

I stamped the brown owl on a crumpled paper bag and used this really neat floral paper from Michael's as a background. I used a "thank you" stamp in corresponding brown ink and there you have it! They are so simple, yet they have a little extra "oomp" that plain store bought cards do not have. 

I added them to my Etsy shop so go take a look! I'm also having a little summer sale on Etsy so if you're in the market for some cards they are all 50% off! All of this sweet, sweet sunshine called for a sale! 

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