Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Friday everyone!!

One of my best guy friends has a birthday coming up soon and normally I wouldn't be so obsessed about sending him the perfect birthday card but this year is a little different. A couple of months ago when I was showing him some of my designs he asked "Do you ever make anything more manly?" I remember just kind of laughing and protectively petting one of my precious burlap bows but in actuality the answer to that question was a simple "no!"

So basically I saw his upcoming birthday as a chance to show him that Richelle's Paperie can, in fact, appeal to the male population. It's the perfect project to get me ready for when a groom comes my way looking to design wedding invitations! I know it's bound to happen sometime. ;)

Anyways, I headed over to my beloved World Market and picked up some great ikat paper. I've been wanting to try out that pattern for a while and I think the blues and greens make it more masculine. I literally sat at the table for over an hour trying different embellishments and color combos of ribbon but I just wasn't getting that "I'm for a dude" feeling I was going for. In the end I settled for a really simple burlap braid and a paper bag stamped with a cool "Happy Birthday" graphic. Hey, at least I didn't use any ribbon or bows...huge accomplishment on my part.

In the end, the finished product might not scream "manly" but it's like Tim Gunn always said on Project Runway, you have to stay true to yourself in your designs. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!!   

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