Saturday, June 2, 2012

I think a big part of being a good crafter is learning how to use your resources and stretch your materials. There really is soooooo much you can do with what you have, you just have to try new stuff out! 
I received an order for some thank you cards and got my favorite design stipulation of "make whatever you want" so I recycled one of my favorite stamps and kept it rustic with a bit of a pop. 
It's always so hard to see in the picture but this is the same stamp I used for one of my invitation suites but instead of using brown ink I used hot pink embossing powder! The pattern looks awesome in real life and is subtle with a great contrast against the kraft paper. I stamped the heart on a crumpled brown paper bag and then added a burlap bow. Here's a hint: I only glue random areas of the heart to keep it from lying flush against the card. You know how I feel about flat. :)

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