Monday, September 10, 2012

Personalized Card Set

How was everyone's weekend?? I was a busy girl. I got crazy with the paper. I just found way too much great stuff on sale this weekend and I can't wait to share it all with you! 

Can you believe we're almost halfway through September?? Where did this year go...It's almost the holidays! Everyone's getting cards from me this year :) I'm all about keeping the stress levels low and the crafting projects high. You should think about doing the same! Homemade gifts are the BEST and I feel like no one expects them nowadays so they are double special. Grab your 40% off coupon and head to Michaels. Let me know if you need any ideas! 

Anyways, one of the sweetest people I know is getting married this weekend and I wanted to make her something that had her new initials on it! I think for a girl, seeing her soon-to-be initials in real life is both scary and insanely exciting so I loved watching her expression when she opened the personalized cards I made her! Just FYI, the ones in this post are a set I made with my initials and put up on Etsy but hers looked almost exactly the same...sweet, simple and personally hers!

This would be a great project for the holidays! The best part is searching for paper that fits the recipients personality and from there it's up to your imagination to run wild. I fully support busting out the watercolors as well ;)  

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