Sunday, December 2, 2012

Say Thanks!

How was everyone's weekend?? Did you brave the real world and attempt any holiday shopping? The malls are OUT OF CONTROL. I used to consider myself a mall rat but whoa. Even I've been getting a little overwhelmed...

The only shops I will endure the crazies for are the paper stores. I headed out bright and early and hit up a few of my favorites and came home with some super fun stuff! I was really gravitating towards the pinks and blacks when I was shopping...not sure why that is but I LOVE how these simple thank you cards turned out! They're funky and colorful and a great mix of patterns. I added them to the Etsy shop so go grab them if you're in the market!

I know I promised you some more colored pencil creations and I WILL get them posted! I got distracted with the acrylic paints so you know how that goes...

Have a great week and make something pretty :)

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