Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Wall

If you follow me on Twitter, you've already seen a snippet of "the wall." This is probably one of the easiest DIY projects I have ever done but I'm so incredibly proud of it.

I needed a way to display my designs because aside from being an incredibly visual person and liking to stare at my work constantly and refine it endlessly, I had a big blank wall next to my desk and I was too lazy to look for a fun piece of art to put up.

All I did was take two nails and hammered them into the wall and tied three strings of burlap to the end of each one to make a nice "rope" for my clothespins to hold on to. I didn't even use a level because it didn't need to be perfect, and I couldn't figure out how to use it...

So there you have it! The wall I've been talking about since last week. For all you artists out there, it's a funky and inexpensive way to display your work. I stare at it all.the.time.

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