Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hey there everyone! Another beautiful weekend down :( but I have some great new wedding invitations to share with you so :) for that!!

One of my greatest friends, Brittany, is getting married next year and I cannot WAIT for her wedding. Her style is so unique and she is soooooo creative so I know it's going to be an amazing night. I feel like I have a lot to live up to designing her wedding invitations but I'm feeling good about them so far! 

I made three designs for her to look through and get her juices flowing. You'll see that all of them have a common theme...the Los Angeles skyline. She wanted to incorporate that into her invites and since I'm not an artist, just a paper fanatic, I quickly sketched the skyline onto the invites. With that said, if you are from LA, don't knock my drawing! It's simply there for ideas sake and I will not be responsible for producing the final sketch...thank goodness ;)

This invite is super simple. The top 3/4 is just some cool paper I got at World Market, and the bottom is a crumpled paper bag. Most brides that come to me have no idea what they want until they see it, so I try to come up with a little of everything. Brittany's colors are really bright...teal, coral, metallics and golds...and she's also incorporating a lot of vintage aspects into her day like old glass bottles so I thought this invite encompassed a lot of those themes. 

So, there's option one! I'll be sharing with you the other two designs I came up with and then tell you which one she picked! 

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