Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oh, Hello...

Well, hello there! First things first, if you guys haven't liked my page on Facebook or started following me on Twitter, you need to do that because I am ALL over those things! You will be way more up to date on all of my new paper creations and more importantly, get to see pictures of Rudy doing his thing. I'm BAD at updating my blog. Bad, bad. 

Anyways, I'm not sure if you've heard but I have become OBSESSED with watercolors. I loved them when I was in elementary school and I have rekindled that love times a million. I can't put them down. Now, don't be fooled. I am NO artist. I can bust out some awesome polka dots and mayyyyyybe a sunflower, but that's about it. For now... 

I made some super cute and super simple fill-in-the-blank invitations showcasing my watercolor talents and they're up on my Etsy shop so go take a look! I also added the cute "hello" cards on this post and a bunch of thank you cards using the World Market paper since those have become super popular! The shop is FULL so check it out. 

Also, I know it's probably pretty evident but I highly recommend World Market for paper. I love their paper and I just buy the rolls and go crazy with them. It's a cheaper way to test out some ideas rather than buying the individual sheets of scrapbooking paper and the patterns are SO wild and different.

That's all for now! Make sure we become BFFs on Facebook and Twitter (click the links on the left side of the page) so you can be the first to know when I attempt a watercolor elephant painting ;)

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